January 20, 2009

St.Bridget of Sweden - princess, wife, mother, widow

Reposted from Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

St.Bridget of Sweden
Strong women impress me. Saint Bridget of Sweden is one of them. She persevered till the completion of her race. That we are all called to holiness no matter what our station is in life, is a given in the Christian journey. Still, having eight children, even while being a princess, was probably no walk in the park. No wonder then she is patron saint of widows… and Europe. And yes, her fourth child Catherine would later be known as St.Catherine of Sweden. Which goes to show you: the first apostolate is the family. If we can inspire the people closest to us to look upon the Lord, then we are living out our faith. May we all learn to be bright beacons of faith in our respective homes.

Here is a link to her booklet of 15 beautiful prayers entitled Pieta. While the prayers are beautiful and definitely have been used by the faithful for centuries, the other material (the promises) in the booklet are private revelation to St.Bridget. Catholics are free to believe in them or not. They are not officially accepted by the Catholic Church. Just for your info.

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  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    She is amazing! What a great role-model for kids! Now in days kid are so evolved in electronics they sometimes forget about the things in life that matter such as family,friends, and the people around you.