January 16, 2009

Mother Teresa’s Dark Night Of The Soul

Reposted from Friday, August 24th, 2007

Mother Teresa reads a bookTime Magazine has an extensive article about a new book of letters spanning 66 years of correspondence between Mother Teresa and her confessors and superiors, showing that she was battling a spiritual dryness since starting her missionary work — a totally new dimension to the woman, one that not even her fellow sisters in the Missionaries of Charity fully knew.

Edited by Rev. Brian Kolodiejchuk, the man petitioning for Mother Teresa’s sainthood, the letters reveal that Christ talked to her, invited her to start serving the “poorest of the poor,” and then except for 5 weeks in 1959, never again. Yet despite no consolation and possessing the feeling of abandonment by the God she served, she forsook neither her faith nor her work, persevering till death.

The article describes highlights of her life with quotes from the letters, positing explanations for her crisis, and lauding her struggle for holiness and humility.

My respect for her truly deepens.

LINK:Mother Teresa’s Crisis of Faith

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